Woof has been designing and delivering unexpected, memorable and engaging live events since 2004.

Because experiential is our sole focus, we do it really well. REALLY well.

We call it THE WOOF WAY.

We’re here to be our client’s best friend (well, in all things experiential) and to run events that build relationships, drive loyalty and effect change.


We use the world around us in imaginative ways that are fresh, disruptive and compelling.

We’ve learnt that it’s possible to create an experience that’s a meaningful, standout moment in someone’s day.

We work direct with clients or alongside their agencies and believe a collaborative approach works best.

We understand the rules and boundaries in which we operate and have fantastic contacts within the industry.

We get things done on time and on budget EVERY time.

We ensure accountability and provide detailed post event evaluation.

We love seeing great ideas bought to life.

We work hard, we’re nice and we know that enjoying what we do is important – for both our clients and us.